“Except for the afro”: The surprising importance of Pam Grier’s hair

Media Diversified

By Varaidzo

Jackie Brown sits in a white robe, cherry red nails curled around a coffee mug, as she laments getting older with bondsman Max Cherry.

“I bet that, except for possibly an Afro, you look exactly the way you did at 29,” says Max.

The line is funny, because we know it’s true. Cinema-going audiences of Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown (1997) were most likely familiar with Pam Grier’s face. jackiebrownWith her
film career beginning two decades earlier in the 70s blaxploitation era, Pam Grier kicked ass in cute, curve hugging outfits, becoming one of the first “female action heroes” on screen. No mean feat, either, when most exploitation films featured women as wailing damsels or sexual objects, vacant bodies that did little more than grant the male heroes an audience for their escapades.

But Pam Grier became something else, something more. Playing lead role Foxy in Foxy Brown (1974)…

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