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allaboutestherEsther is a film buff and likes nothing more than working at festivals.  She has met many of her favourite filmmakers but the list grows every day and until she has a coffee with Joss Whedon she will not be truly fulfilled.

She is black and a woman, so may digress into a side rant about about representation on screen and in the industry from time to time.  Naomie Harris would play her in the film of her life (Gabrielle Union in the US remake of that film).  If it’s a buddy movie, she’d cast Rebecca Hall/Cobie Smulders as Laura.

Esther has another blog http://planetesther.blogspot.co.uk/ where she rambles about creative projects and random arty stuff.  If you look hard enough you (here) can also find shorts she directed.  Esther tweets under @shegeekbham.  Duncan Jones retweeted her once.  It was awesome.

lauritaLaura is happiest when combining her two passions and is teaching languages through the medium of film. Laura sees it as her vocation to encourage film fans to get over the subtitles and enjoy the foreign film journey.

One day, Laura hopes to give up the day job and open up a boutique cinema showing art-house films with talks for the patrons and refreshments provided whilst sitting on mis-matched chairs and beanbags. She will only truly have realised all her dreams when a certain man named Pedro “snubs” the Oscars to attend one of Laura’s more understated but nevertheless enthusiastically produced red-carpet events!

It’s not All About Almodóvar for Laura though and she would love to discuss film plots with Alejandro Amenábar, pass time waiting for a delayed flight in Barajas airport with Eduardo Noriega and discuss everything under the Russian sun, including fishing, with Gérard Depardieu over one of his own red wines.

Final thoughts…Laura loves it when the title of the film is quoted in the film, the popcorn has to be half and half – salted on top and although you can’t buy happiness, you can buy films and the happiness will follow….. promise!

Our other online selves:



http://instagram.com/lauritabradders &  http://instagram.com/shegeekbham



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