Quick Fire Review: X-Men Days Of Future Past

X Men days of Future Past Poster

X Men Days of Future Past

Here’s The Trailer

Who is in it?

The gang’s all here and then some – James McStewart, Ian McFassbender, HughMcJackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Peter (wasn’t he Black before?) Dinklage, Nicholas McFrasier and starring Anna Paquin in billing displacement.

What is it about?

Call that a last stand – this is a last stand!  In the future the world has destroyed and enslaved its citizens using super machines – born of an idea spawned in the 70s.  Can the X-Men change the past and avoid the extinsticon of both mutants and humans…?

Why did I want to watch it?

At this point if you aren’t expecting me to review this, you don’t know me very well Internet.

Did I like it?

I preferred X Men First Class, but this is an enjoyable addition to an, at times very rocky, franchise.  It unites some fabulous actors but also sacrifices screen time for some of my favourites.  Overall though it has some excellent moments and does something wonderful for thefuture of the film series which I won’t spoiler.  

Should you watch it?

Yes. it is good fun, and could stand with First Class without needed to see other films in the Xmen canon if you chose not to.

Does it pass the Bechdel Test?  http://bechdeltest.com/

Nope, given that actually there are several named female characters  (Storm, Blink, Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Rogue, Raven/Mystique) you’d think they’d talk to each other.  In the absence of a pass – Raven/Mystique is wonderfully realised and kicks more ass than any of the other characters combined.

Other films it reminds me of:

Bryan Singer has a distinctive style and it harks back to the best of the first 2 X Men films

Watch this instead/as well/before/after:

I would definitely watch First Class. As a series I would watch : XMen 1, Xmen 2, 1st class and this and skip XMen 3 and the Wolverine films.



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