Quick Fire Review: Sunshine on Leith


Who is in it?

George MacKay, Kevin Guthrie, Peter Mullan, Jane Horrocks and a cameo performance from The Proclaimers (as themselves)

What is it about?

Davy and Ally, two young squaddies, return from the front line in Afghanistan to Edinburgh and attempt to return to the relative normality of “civvy street”. Their story is told through the hits of the Reid brothers, otherwise known as The Proclaimers. Sunshine on Leith is directed by Dexter Fletcher and is based on the stage show by Scottish playwright Stephen Greenhorn.

Why did I want to watch it?

I love musicals, I love the music of the Proclaimers and I love Edinburgh. Of course I was looking forward to seeing all these elements coming together on the big screen. It was also a type of catharsis for me. You may know from an earlier post that Moulin Rouge is one of my all time favourite musical films, but I have stayed well away from this genre since the horror of Mama Mia and  the trauma of Pierce Brosnan “Dad dancing” on a sun drenched Greek island. I wanted to be able to let myself go with this film and learn to love musical cinema again.

Did I like it?

Yes! It gave me exactly what I wanted! A stunning, feel-good (and sometimes sad) musical trip through Edinburgh and the lives and loves of two thoroughly likeable protagonists. Ok, so the plot was a little contrived and anyone who has given The Proclaimers’ Greatest Hits an hour of their time could have guessed the main plot points of the film before the trailers were over…. someone will have to get married, there will be a character called (Oh) Jean, somebody will walk 500 miles, somebody will send a letter back from America… but, who cares?! I had fun, I sang along, I loved watching the guy with the purple jumper in the flashmob scene at the end trying to work out what on earth was going on, I came out of the cinema with a smile on my face and I know I will watch it again.

Should you watch it?

If you like cheesy, feel good films, you aren’t freaked out by people spontaneously breaking out into song and dance and if you are a Proclaimers fan, get yourself to see it. Watch out for The Proclaimers’ very odd cameo performance early on – a disappointingly awkward performance from the twins, which is no mean feat to say the boys were playing themselves!

Watch this insetad/as well/before/after

More musical cinema – just not Mama Mia – Moulin Rouge, Singing in the Rain, The Sound of Music…



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