Guest Blog – Behind the Candelabra: Reviewed


Delighted to introduce my very own Mum and first time blogger!

As a fairly new cinema fan I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to this blog. After being a long standing fan of Liberace, a fan from childhood sitting appreciating his music with my own Mum and being fascinated by his showmanship, I was pleased and enthusiastic about the film being made. I had wondered how the story of the guy with the classical music background would be portrayed. It was all there though,  especially the family influences of his dear mother and brother too. The film showed his ability to create magic on the stage with his command of the piano keys and his eccentric colourful showmanship. Central also to the film, was the diary of the much publicised private life particularly with his much younger lover.

From the beginning I was enthralled by the whole thing. Michael Douglas was excellent in the starring role (I had perhaps doubted the casting) of the misunderstood but brilliant musician. Sets and costumes gloriously right for the story of this classical pianist with the ability to  “boogie  woogie” and give his flamboyant all. 

Matt Damon too, I thought outstanding in his role of the much younger lover. The  story of the two could have easily been criticised but no, with touches of humour and heart-breaking moments it added to the already enjoyable movie.

The almost fairy-tale and tender last minutes of the film brought a warm feeling to me and a broad smile to my face. I almost danced (well walked fairly sprightly) out of the cinema to my daughters car!

Loved it –  well worth a trip down the motorway and a dash with an umbrella  on a summer’s evening. A Triumph!  Don’t miss it!  

C. Bradshaw



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