Quick Fire Review: Before Midnight

Here’s the TrailerBefore Midnight Poster

Who is in it?

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reprising their roles in 2 earlier films (3 if you count Waking Life)

What is it about?

Jessie and Celine met 18 years ago in their 20s whilst travelling in Austria and spent a perfect night getting to know one another. Since then Jessie has written a book about the experience and 9 years after their first meeting, they meet again at his Parisian book tour and spend some more time together talking and catching up on the intervening years.  You are left not knowing what will happen, as their lives are more complicated now, but sensing they are still very much in love.  Cut to the present tense, 9 years later at a writer’s retreat in Greece…

Why did I want to watch it?

I have written a blog post here about my attachment to these characters.  In short, I have enjoyed following these characters for the past 18 years and I’m not about to stop now.  Also I enjoy seeing people walk around and talk a lot.

Did I like it?

I came out wanting to watch it again.  At one point in the film I thought I would have to send Richard Linklater a strongly worded letter, I was so overwhelmed by what was happening.

It has some very funny moments (I am looking forward to using some of the pithy comebacks in my own future arguments) and very touching ones. The characters have really grown and the connection the actors/writers have with the characters comes through in every moment.  I would love the screenplay to be Oscar nominated it is so rich, poingant and realistic.

I have high expectations of these films and they always exceeds them.  Part of me wants them to stop now, part of me doesn’t, but the characters that the team has created are unforgettable.

Should you watch it?

I am highly biased.  I do know people who don’t like them, although I think they may enjoy this one as a standalone more since there are more characters and the story is slightly more structured.

Other films it reminds me of:

His Girl Friday, heaps of  banter and points scoring combined with real, deep love.

Watch this instead/as well/before/after: 

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset – obviously!

In a similar vein are In Search of a Midnight Kiss featuring two young strangers wandering around Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve and Away We Go – Sam Mendes’ uncharacteristically mellow film about a pregnant couple who need to find a place to live.



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