Take Five Supplementary: Working Girls Playlist

After I wrote the post I had some thoughts on songs which would – tenuously -complement the films I referenced, so for your additional pleasure….The WHYDTDT Working Girls Playlist

Office Space – Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays, Boomtown Rats
Serenity  – Defying Gravity
Friends with Money & Maid In Manhattan – Jenny From The Block (!)
The Secretary – Forever Yours, Alex Day
The Good Girl – Quiet Town, Josh Rouse
Definitely Maybe – Cigarettes and Alcohol (from the album Definitely Maybe), Oasis
Starship Troopers – Rocket to Mars, Neil Jackson
St. Elmos Fire – The World Is Mine, I Don’t Know Anything, Alex Day
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!  – Joan Amantring – Weakness In Me

Do you have any better suggestions?  Post them in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Take Five Supplementary: Working Girls Playlist

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